You won’t be able to stop feeling good

Sometime i really wonder,

do people knows how physical activity can actually increase their Lifestyle?

I mean, i heard so many person talking really badly about sport and training.
They don’t seem to see the broader picture. Only the struggle to actually use their body to do something outside their limitations. Something they could learn to love deeply.

But there is something incredible for those who know why they want to go through that pain.
Having the knowledge of the rewards you can get is key to give that discomfort some sense.
At some point, you even become enthusiast to the sign of that nervous signal, because you know down the line it means something; Self-Pride, Well-being, Health, etc.


In this article, i’m gonna share with you my favorites effects from living an active lifestyle.
I’m sure you’ll love it!

Here we go!

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3 great tips to effectively make the most out of your Life right now!

You really are a positive person but you don’t seem to get really far with your projects?

Having trouble being optimal in your actions?

And maybe recently you’ve been wondering:
“Hey, i am a good person and i see life in a good way, why can’t i seem to get to my goals, eh!?”

You see things the good way, the problem is that you don’t Act on it
and transfer your ideas into your reality.


in this article i’m gonna share with you some of my recent breakthroughs and hopefully
this will help you in some way or another.

Let’s go!

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5Tips for Decision making and empower the person you’re becoming


What do you think of the people who just can’t keep a promise?

Who can’t back their own words with actions?


Those who can’t even decide for themselves when you ask them to do an activity or have their opinion?..

In our society where honor don’t have the same weight has before.

We talk and decide to please people in the moment but sometimes, we just don’t follow through and make a lot of cheap excuses to get away with it.


Not being conscious that we slowly sabotage our integrity,.. our character…

Here i’ll share 5 ways you can start to “tame your tongue” and
put power in everything you’ll say to others and to yourself.

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Who you spend time with is who you become

Recently i made a really enlighten move in my Life that i never-ever considered before.

It’s the kind of things i should have done years ago to improve my situation
and my well-being.

Chances are, your parents told you to do exactly that when you were younger.
Something like, “Oh, you should not hang out with this kind of person, their ways are not good for you son, (or daughter).”

Yes exactly, to get rid of toxic people in your Life.


In this article, I’m gonna share with you my experiences from doing such a huge decision.

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Morning ritual, do you even use one?

It’s not always easy to wake up full power and motivated.

But it’s not because you don’t feel energized at the beginning of the day that you can’t encourage yourself into a pure and enthusiastic state of empowerment.

Do you have any patterns to make this possible?

There is a lot of ways to do this and i want to share what i’ve been using since a couple of time now.


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Gotta Get Sh*t done mode!

Have you ever heard about Someday’s island?
Maybe you have a comfy house there?
Thinking it’s okay to relax and convincing yourself that you’re enjoying Life, doing Nothing.

Pushing away in the future most of your responsibilities, obligations and duties that could bring you further in your development, accomplishment and overall well-being.
Closer to your Dreams.


I think It is the worst plague of the civilization as we know it today.

We all crave for something.
We are eager to live a better life and make our dreams come True.
But for some obscure reasons we fail to work the process that will bring us there.

Repeating to ourselves, i should do this, i should do that… day-after day-after day…
“Shoulding all over ourselves basically”.

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Alimentation, i got some tricks for you!


I’ve been interested in alimentation for 10 yrs now.

It was Jujimufu and Antoine Vaillant from (which no longer exist) that inspired me for the journey of getting better, feeling better and rocking my Life with Full Energy! I Salute them!

I’ve tried the Full Proteins Diet, Omnivore Diet, Standard Bodybuilding diet, did vegetarianism, veganism, rawveganism (No Cooking), Juicing Diet (Only juices).

I was curious on what kind of Health i could develop and how could i optimize it.
So i managed to get a lot of infos on the subject for the past years.

I’m gonna give you the 4 top tips i personally believe are the most important to develop and keep a Good Health.
Of course, you need to get up on your feet and do some activities in order to sky rocket your Life & WellBeing! ; )

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LifeStream and How to improve it!

Most people limit themselves to what they think is the plateau of their
vitality without believing or knowing there is even more within them to be unlocked.

But Vitality is something we must constently nurture in order to get it’s magnificient potential and truly live the Life we deserve.

We can’t just live a long life with no energy waiting for Death and Disease to get to us on the couch.. watching t.v. shows eating cheetos.
Sleeping, Working & CouchCrashing Routine…

There is so much more to realize, feel, create and explore in Life!
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Time and your Energy.

Would you like to have more time with your Life?


It’s actually possible! ; )

Of course we can’t add more minutes to a day, that’s a given.
But we have the Power to make better choices that will optimize these 1440 minutes in each Day of our Lives.

Most of us spend too much time relaxing watching t.v., playing videogames or doing time consuming activities that give us nothing in the long run and certainly don’t make us closer to the Life of our Dream.
We need to start being aware and take notes about the way we want to spend our time.
In order to keep track of our lives, we must take the habits to write down and organise our activities and what we plan for the day.

Instead of losing time by.. chasing time..

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Feed your Dreams.

Yio friends!

Sorry for the delay,
i’m not use to write a blog yet and think a little bit too much!


Today i’m willing to bring you some awesome tricks&tips about Goal Setting in order to pursue your Dreams!

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